Company Profile

Michoff Distributors (Pty) Ltd was founded by Steve Hoffman and Michèle Joubert.  Collectively they have more than 50 years of experience in the lighting and electrical industries.

Michoff Distributors is a consulting, design, and distribution company working closely with architects, electrical consulting engineers, building contractors/developers as well as the end users.  We pride ourselves in keeping abreast with all the latest technology and trends in the marketplace.

All the products supplied by Michoff comply with the latest safety specifications. Part of the company vision is to present the market with a product offering which has the highest standard and quality. Our offerings also extend to Support, Design Requirements, Energy Saving, LED cost analysis or Illumination of special design projects and for use in the Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial, Medical, Mining, Retail and Residential markets.

Michoff is an appointed distributing agent for many well-known lighting and electrical importers/manufacturers.  These include amongst others Aurora, Bright Star Lighting, Eurolux, Flash, K-Light, Ledvance (Osram), Legrand, Lighting & Allied, Lightnet, Major Tech, MCE, Opple, Radiant Lighting and Regent Lighting.  We also do the design of bespoke lighting products.

Although our core business is to provide light fittings (and related products) to complement the architecture of the project, we also offer value added services including lighting layouts, site visits, as well as dealing with your builders and/or electricians on site to ensure the correct positioning of light fittings.

At Michoff our customers become friends, and our company has grown mainly by word of mouth, our attention to detail, client’s satisfaction and after sales service.

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